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Company "RIBOLOV-SERVIS" (SALMO RUS) is one of the largest companies of production of fishing goods, supplies and equipments for fishing, tourism and rest.

Our assortment, available to the firm, holds more than 10 000 goods in more than 170 groups. Assortment – is one of the most important points in work of all our departments. It allows successful work in the market.

You can find the full range of goods in our catalog, which is located at this website.

Fundamental and main parts of offered goods:
- REELS - various types, designs and brands SALMO, VISION, DAIWA, GALAXY CARP;
- Kits of gears for different types of fishing, trade marks SALMO, VISION, DELFIN;
- RIGGING with all variety of components: Monofilament lines for summer and winter seasons, braided lines, floats, strike indicators, leads and Jig-heads, hooks, swivels, snaps, rings, rigs , sea fishing, carp fishing, corse fishing and feeder fishing accessories and others, of brands SALMO, COBRA, KAMASAN, POWER PRO, LUCKY YOHN, VARIVAS;

Baits for various types of fishing: lures, including sea and winter fishing lures, flies, soft baits, porolone baits of trademarks SALMO, LUCKY YOHN, SALMO Poland, KIBS, MEPPS, DAIWA, ILLEX, ARBOQAST, BOMBER, COTTON CORDELL, XCALIBUR, HEDDON, REBEL, SMITHWICK, BOOYAH, YUM, and others;
- Fishing bait, feed-stuff of brands SENSAS, STARBAITS;
- Accessories for fishing, attention was paid to accordance to different types of fishing: mugs, groundbait catapults, line counters, chrmical lights, rings, strings, cords, rod holders, variety of stuff, hand warmers and other goods in the range under the brand name SALMO;
- Landing nets and keepnets with various designs and purposes, brand SALMO;
- fishing boxes, bags, backpacks, holdalls - to store and carry gear, baits, lures of trade marks SALMO, FLAMBEAU;

Boats, boat motors and accessories, brands OUTLAND, HOLIDAY.
- Fishing clothing: suits, jackets, coats, fleece jackets, shirts, T-shirts, caps and hats, winter hats and masks, socks, mittens and gloves, as well as wading and winter boots and even polarized glasses, trademarks NORFIN, SALMO, VISION .
- Ice drills, Power drills, knives, tools and accessories of brands MORA of Sweden, SALMO;
- Flasher of trademark VEXILAR;
- Tents, mobile furniture, sleeping bags, rugs, mattresses, thermobags, thermoses and thermomugs, lamps and other travel, travel and fishing goods of trade brands: HOLIDAY, SALMO, VITRO.

"RIBOLOV-SERVIS" company's assortment is classified according to several criteria:
    * Name and code number of goods, as information for clear identification of nomenclature
    * Brand
    * Commodity group, as a special attribute of the piece in multibrand assortment
    * Catalog of season (Winter / Summer).
    * Nomenclature groups. All goods are separated out for three levels for a clear finding by the sign of group.
    * Status of nomenclature. There are commodity properties "Basic range", "Extra range", "All-seasons range", "New","Sales leader","Recommended Products","SALE".

The company is successfully operating and developing several activities:

Wholesale trade:
- work with clients throughout Russia,
- presence and storage of goods in our own central warehouse,
- shipped from the warehouse,
- delivery to regions and center of Russia,
- work with the regional wholesale customers,
- work with the market and trading partners,
- work with network stores
- work with assortment-focused shops,
- work with Internet shops
- work with specialized shops and individual entrepreneurs.

Retail trading: a showroom for demonstration of goods available in stock at the central warehouse, with possibility of operative customer service, with possibility of self-service.
- Warranty service: for goods sent throughout Russia, during the specified warranty period and in accordance with the warranty conditions.
- Advertising, marketing and sponsorship. about trading goods, customers and activities of fishing business and sports.
- Examination and development: in sphere of trading and production of goods for fishing

At the present time, there is a special direction of company's activities, related to development and increase of trading and information Internet resource, which greatly combines, improves and focuses company's work in all areas.

The subjects of activity "RIBOLOV-SERVIS" in the fishing and tourist destinations are:
- Distribution of fishing gears, fishing and tourist equipments;
- Joint activities with businesses, companies and organizations with order to develop, manufacture and distribution of goods, using modern technologies;
- International economic activities, including marketing and engineering spheres
- Trade and purchasing activities;
- Logistics activities;
- Development, distribution and use of printed materials and information resources.

The main goal in company's activities is developing of infrastructure of fishing and tourism employment in Russia, equipping fishermen, hunters and tourists with high quality products necessary for their activities.

Opportunities provided by company "RIBOLOV-SERVIS" to achieve the goals and work effectively in all areas:
- The company is a stable and experienced member of chosen market segment, has a high-quality connections to provide mutually beneficial cooperation;
- The Company has a wide range of classified quality goods and effective working group of staff.

There are managers in the company who work with clients of any level. System of operative collection, recording and processing of orders helps to work effective;
- The company strives to hold flexible and comfortable pricing.
- The company provides a fully self-storage stocks of goods on its own warehouse and shipping. System of storage and shipment is modern and practical. Stock staff works 24 hours a day. There is principle of address storage of goods in the warehouse. The company works effectively with a variety of transportation and logistics delivery companies.
- The company already has significant experience of dealing with all kinds of trading - from specialized small shops to hypermarkets. Strategic business opportunity for our organization is the highest quality work with any of our clients.
- "RIBOLOV-SERVIS” develops the full range of customer and product service and support.
- The company is known widely. We have good reputation among our partners, as well as among consumers.

Ltd. "RIBOLOV-SERVIS” works in Russian market since 1995 and since then aims to occupy leading positions in the industry. Supply of goods and produced services grows constantly, it allows us to develop new and Perspective directions for the market of Russia. All existing projects are aimed at improvement of customer service and its adaptation to sphere of selected categories of goods. Projects reach wide range of end users - fishermen, travelers, hunters and people with active lifestyle. This fishing goods and equipment are important for them, and providing users - is our main aim and objective. This desire makes the firms' pricing politics effective, and customer service - worthy.